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Schoolhouse Teachers

The Finer Things in Life

Wednesday, 25 November 2015 by
blog the finer things

  Ah, a nice stroll through an art gallery. Can you see the framed beauty before you? Are you at your leisure? Now imagine your child’s art hanging on that wall for all to see. What happened to your image? Did it remain peaceful, or did it sound like a record scratching to a halt?

Mastering Mathematics

Monday, 23 November 2015 by
blog mastering mathematics

  Is there hair all over the floor? Are you pulling your hair out? Do you feel like multiplication is going to be the end of you? Have no fear, Multiplication Workshop is here! Elementary students can work on their mastery of multiplication in this step-by-step guide to learning and/or practicing multiplication tables using written

Myths and Misunderstandings

Wednesday, 18 November 2015 by

  We’ve probably all heard some tall tales, stories that are too grand to be true. We’ve most likely heard tales that sound like they could be real but aren’t. Students in middle and high school will have the opportunity to read and learn about myths and other such stories in American Folklore. Cheri Blomquist

Counting and Creating

Monday, 16 November 2015 by

  We have some exciting news for you! Accounting 101 is available! David A. Shepson, MSA, EA, has designed this course to equip high school students with a mastery of accounting fundamentals they will need in order to be prepared for their college classes. He presents the concepts in easy-to-digest ways so students will gain

Speak Out

Wednesday, 11 November 2015 by
blog speak out

  Students often wonder how they can be heard above the noise, above the voices that speak against what they believe in, what they know to be right. Two of the courses on SchoolhouseTeachers.com are designed to help middle and high school students with that very issue. Social Justice with Kurt Hoffman uses videos, reading

blog here is the church

  History is one of those subjects that has a nearly endless variety of topics to choose from. You can choose to learn about people who lived 200 years ago or 2,000 years ago. You can choose to learn about the history of a culture that lived 200 miles from where you are now or

Decisions and Direction

Wednesday, 04 November 2015 by
blog decisions and directions

  The staff and the teachers here at SchoolhouseTeachers.com consider it a privilege to provide assistance throughout the various stages of life. Money 101 with David Kimball is a self-paced course for students in middle school and high school. It is designed to help teenagers understand the principles behind wise financial decisions so they can

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Monday, 02 November 2015 by
blog adventure of lifetime

  There is no greater adventure than walking with God. Now kids can enjoy Bible stories in French. Bible Adventures in French with Pip Dumbill is a series of illustrated Bible stories for children in preschool through elementary school. Each month, a new Bible story will be shared in English in three weekly installments. On