The PEARL: Part 4 – Reveal

how homeschoolers can evangelize
  Recently I was invited to a ladies breakfast. The breakfast was held at a golf club in the middle of an upper class neighborhood. Due to life circumstances, I drove my husband’s ladder truck. As I slunk in the back entrance, I felt much like the character, Mrs. Bucket from the PBS show, Keeping
remember what they read
  In our previous post, we evaluated our reading worldview and the foundation for trading-in our default forgetfulness for strong reading habits. For illustration, I will use Daniel DeFoe’s classic, The Swiss Family Robinson, for practical tips on training children to remember what they read. Draw Pictures Research has suggested the memory retains images better
remember what they read
  “You and I remember only what we know, and we know only what we remember.”1 This quote, hidden between the black cover ends of a 1943 book bearing the title How to Remember Names and Faces by Robert H. Nutt, has challenged my approach to reading. As an avid reader who relies on the
purity press
   Dr. Dale Conaway is the CEO of Purity Press Publishers and has written and published 9 Books in the “Biblical Sexuality Series.” Our company is committed to reestablishing a foundation for moral sexual behavior. We publish resources that focus on the wholesome, sexual development and healing of youth, young adults, singles, and married couples.
Hey Mama
  Hey Mama, Difficult trials. You’re no stranger to them. I know it is TIRING, Mama, and it can get monotonous and very dark at times. Will this ever end? Where is justice, where is light? I too have gone through some dark times. And when my heart and spirit are low, I can only

The End of the Journey

school year
  While many families are winding down for this school year and anxiously awaiting the summer break, this month will be different for me. My winding down comes with a bittersweet-emotion, one that is hard to put into words. My homeschooling break will now not just be summer, but in a sense, permanent. After homeschooling

God’s Confirmation Gives Confidence

  As a homeschool mother I occasionally wonder if my children are truly receiving the best education. Not because I find myself inadequate or because I lack teaching confidence. I honestly think that it’s just normal to wonder sometimes. That’s why I’m so grateful that God hears my silent wonders and always provides confirmation. During
planning and diligence
  Ahh mornings. Sometimes the way I get up you’d think my alarm signaled the start of a 5k race. I’m writing mental to-do lists as I shower. A brief tour of my living room on my way to the kitchen expands that list. Then my kids start adding requests for the day, then I

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