More Weakness, More Strength

turn to God for strength
  Mama said there’d be days like this, right? What about weeks and years? Homeschooling with a growing family isn’t easy. Like when I’m reading to my five and three-year-old kids and my seven-year-old perfectionist has a classic meltdown in the other room. “I hate this! I can’t do typing.” “It’s ok, just finish the

When the Task Overwhelms

  “I can’t do it!” “It’s too hard!” “I hate this!” Some days, those are fighting words! I’ve always told my children that I don’t expect them to get everything they ever do right all the time, but I do expect them to try. The rough days usually start with one or more of these

Teaching Communication Skills

words can hurt
  Homeschooling provides our children opportunities to interact with a variety of individuals. It’s important to be diligent in teaching communication skills. Whether at home, church, with extended family, or somewhere within our community, my children enjoy socializing. As they model the behaviors they see around them, it’s important that I monitor their conduct. I

3 Big Tips for Girls with Asperger’s

teaching children with asperger
  My youngest daughter was diagnosed with Asperger’s when she was six years old. The diagnosis both saddened me and gave me relief. Finally, I knew why my daughter behaved the way she did! I set out to educate myself on how to help her, both socially and educationally. Learning About Asperger’s Reading all those

The Homeschool Wormhole

break as a couple
  You know how so many science fiction books feature a wormhole that allows the hero to skip about through time? Well, I discovered an actual wormhole last week. Before last week I was feeling behind and tired and disorganized. No matter what I did, no matter how hard I pushed, I couldn’t get the

The “Power” of Walking

benefits to taking a walk
  We’ve all heard of power walking and have seen “power walkers”, but what about the “power” of walking? We can learn a lot from Madeline’s teachers who had the girls out walking rain or shine. We have been on vacation for a week now with one week to go. Throughout our vacation, we have

The Power of the Purge

cleaning out
  Each year in the fall I go through every closet, drawer, and seasonal tote in our household to see what needs to be kept, sold, or donated. This usually takes me approximately two weeks to complete and also includes purchasing necessary new items and passing down gently used items to younger siblings. We do

Hey Mama Monday

Hey Mama
  Hey Mama, Ever feel like a jar of jam? Under so much pressure, but it’s all bottled up! Instead of “bursting”, take heart. You can do this. You ARE that joyful, loving Mama your littles adore. The one they run to when they have a boo-boo… or in the case of your older ones,

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