Tell THE Story: Part 3

  In part two, we covered the “how” of prepping Mom for the missionary-tested education method, Tell THE Story (TTS). This article will dive into helping the children engage in the stories (with the links we’ve referenced for further study provided once again at the end). Prepping the Children for the Story Repetition and accuracy

Tell THE Story: Part 2

  Part one covered the “what”; now we will discover the “how” behind the powerfully educational Tell THE Story (TTS) method used by Christian missionaries across the globe. By the end of this article, you will learn how to prep yourself for TTS and be eager to learn how to prep your children—especially after exploring

Tell THE Story: Part 1

  What is the most effective education method of all time? Thousands of years before screens and curriculums, storytelling was the learning methodology of choice. As mankind’s oldest and most effective form of education, storytelling put flesh on the dry bones of history’s names, events, and dates, often happening around the family fire after a
Hey Mama
  Hey Mama, Just wanted to stop in and deliver a quick message as I run out the door. It’s ironic. I don’t know; I just found it funny and had to tell you. You know how you have been kind of down on yourself about certain things lately? You look at your friends (and

Kids, Crayons, and Christ: A Vlog Journey

  Often, when we think of teaching art to our kids (myself included), we find the task daunting, messy, and—if we’re honest—a little unnecessary. This is an embarrassing confession coming from me, an art school graduate whose husband teaches art and develops art curriculum for a living. Yet, here I am, still struggling to teach

Incorporating Nature Study

nature study
  If you’re like me, nature study can be something that sounds great but never seems to happen. However, I find that if anything, we have to be intentional about making it happen. Today, I’m sharing some ideas to help you get ready for spring and the beauty that it brings. 1-Journal: Have your students

Is Technology a Good Thing?

digital technology
  In the past few years, a lot has been reported about the use of digital technology (iPads, smartphones, electronic games) by children at home, as well as in elementary and secondary schools. I’ve recently experienced this with students and have subsequently begun to research it further. Here are a few things I’ve found: Number

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