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Suarez FamilyFifteen years ago, TOS was a black-and-white newsletter published by Paul and Gena Suarez (and sometimes the Suarez kids helped). Over the years, God has grown TOS and allowed the magazine to develop into an interactive-digital magazine created and supported by a large team of staff members who work from their homes all over the United States and Canada. Many staff members work behind the scenes. You may never “meet” these staff members when you contact TOS, but the work they do is vital to keep The Old Schoolhouse® running smoothly and to make sure you get the homeschool help and support you count on TOS to deliver.

AngelaQuigleyAngela Quigley – CEO. Angela’s primary role at TOS is to oversee the general operations of the company including all financial related functions. Angela first came to TOS in February 2007 as a marketing assistant and eventually assumed the position of Director of Schoolhouse Store. In 2010, she became the CEO, overseeing all of the Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Schoolhouse Store and Customer Service Departments. Angela and her husband live in the south-west Missouri area with their two daughters, age 17 and 13. The Quigleys started homeschooling when their oldest was in 1st grade. Angela says, “I was one of those that started with the thought that everything had to be like ‘school.’ I have learned a lot since that first year and am so thankful for the many dedicated homeschoolers who share their stories and personal challenges in each issue of TOS Magazine. What a blessing and encouragement you have all been to me.” Besides work at TOS and homeschooling, you can find her quilting, shopping, cooking, reading, bird watching, singing and spending time with her hubby of over 24 years. Her favorite time of the day is dinner time around the table with family! Angela says, “My mission at TOS is to see the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ furthered and homeschoolers inspired to do their greatest work ever – raising children who want to serve the Lord with their whole heart”.

DebWuehlerDeborah Wuehler – Director of Production. Although a lot of the work that our Production Department does is behind the scenes–graphic design, editing, contacting writers, etc.–you’ve probably “met” Deborah Wuehler, our senior editor who heads up the department. The people in this department make sure the magazine and other publications are published on time and without errors. The vision Deborah has for TOS is the same vision our staff members share. Deborah says, “My personal vision for the direction of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is to continue to lift up the Lord in every endeavor, every action, and every word spoken or written. This magazine was birthed by Him, and continues to grow because of Him, and we give Him all the glory and honor in all things. This must continue or we have no need to carry on . . .”

Kate KesslerKate Kessler – Product Reviews Director. Kate Kessler has been in charge of product reviews for The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine for over fourteen years. She is delighted to be the Product Reviews Director! She has been married for twenty-three years and has five beautiful children, ages 21 to 13. They have always homeschooled. She rejoices in the mercy of her Savior, Jesus Christ, and is grateful for every day of life. Kate’s mission is to glorify God in all she does, and to live in the light of His mercy.

JoAnnJoAnn Marie – Director of Website Communications. JoAnn lives in Idaho with her wonderful husband, Paul, and their two adult children, Sarah and Paulie. They have been married for over 22 years and started out their married life together outside Chicago, Illinois. She is a Christian, former homeschooling mom, who works from home. She has enjoyed over 14 years of homeschooling with all the ups and downs that go along with that journey. Both of her children have now graduated from homeschooling and have moved on to their respect jobs and lives. JoAnn enjoys many hobbies including crocheting, photography, cross-stitch, card making, website design and blogging, to name a few. She loves to write about her different journeys in life on her website Watered Garden Creations, She’s been working for TOS since February 2013, and though she’s only been here for a short period of time, she has enjoyed her work immensely and looks forward to many more years with the company.

Dawn OaksDr. Dawn Oaks – Director of Advertising and Sales. Dawn sees her role of Director of Advertising and Sales as integral in connecting the companies that produce stellar homeschool curriculum and resources with the families that will use them. She is excited to couple her professional experience in management/strategic planning with more than 10 years of homeschooling her own children. When not leading our Sales Team, Dawn can be found on their family farm with her husband, Gary. They enjoy the benefits and blessings of raising their food, guiding their children into adulthood, and educating others in the area of natural health.

Over all the staff are Paul and Gena Suarez. They provide inspiration and hands-on guidance to all staff members.

And though you won’t find Him listed on our staff tree, God is over everything that TOS does. He has the final say, and the magazine and its future are in His hands.

If you have met any of our staff members, you know they have a heart for homeschooling and a desire to serve the Lord in everything they do. Most of our staff members have years of experience schooling their own children or sitting under the tutelage of their parents when they were homeschooled. All members of the TOS team are passionate about homeschooling and desire to advance the cause of Christ as we support parents who are training their children spiritually and educationally.

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"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6).

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