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Big Book of Earth and Sky

Bodie Hodge and Dr. Carolyn Reeves
Master Books a Division of New Leaf Publishing Group

3142 Hwy 103 N
Green Forest, AR 72638

Do you know what kind of bird flies the equivalent of six round trips to the moon in its lifetime? Or who were the first to reach the deepest part of the ocean?  You will learn the answers to those questions plus other fascinating information in the Big Book of Earth and Sky. The Big Book of Earth and Sky is not really a book at all.  It is a 21 panel, foldable 15 foot chart full of beautiful photographs, illustrations, charts, graphs, interesting trivia, and facts. The panels are attached to each other, but not to the book itself.  The hardcover book has a sleeve in it that acts as a storage case for the panels.  Written from a Biblical perspective, this resource helps children learn about the earth and sky starting at the core and traveling to the upper layers of the atmosphere including topics such as weather, caves, fossils, rocks, clouds, oceans, mountains, and more.  The Big Book of Earth and Sky was written for ages 7-12 and can be purchased for $19.99.  An optional Teacher's Guide is available to download for free, or a hard copy can be purchased for $6.99. 

The Big Book of Earth and Sky can be utilized in your homeschool in a variety of ways.  It can be hung on the wall for a full length display, spread out on the floor to explore, or viewed panel by panel.  It can be used for a reference tool or a supplement to unit studies.  It also can be used alongside the Teacher's Guide as a springboard to many educational activities including Bible, reading, writing, and science. 

The visual aspect of the Big Book of Earth and Sky is amazing!  The photographs are stunning, the charts and graphs show children instead of just telling them interesting information on many different topics related to the earth and sky.  I love the trivia questions that are asked and answered throughout the panels.  Another important quality is that it was written from a Biblical perspective.  There is no mention of "millions of years" in this book.  Instead, The Big Book of Earth and Sky quotes Scripture and gives glory to God for creating the earth and everything in it.  The Big Book of Earth and Sky makes learning a fun and interesting adventure!  My children love spreading it across the floor and going over it panel by panel.  Their favorite parts are the sections on caves, rocks, and fossils.

The format makes using it a bit difficult.  The idea of hanging it from a wall and spreading it across the floor is a really good one, but not very practical with young children running around.  The case to store it in is very sturdy, but children may have a hard time folding it on their own and returning it back to the case.  It has to be folded just right in order to fit it correctly back into its slot.  Taking it out of the case and putting it back in often will cause some wear and tear on the panels. 

I think the Big Book of Earth and Sky is a wonderful learning tool and would make a great addition to any homeschool.

Product Review by Lisa Trombley, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC,  2013

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