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T.R.I.P. (Targeted Reading Improvement Program) Software for PC or Mac

By Jordan Price and Walter C. Wade

4952 Warner Ave #243
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

T.R.I.P. Targeted reading improvement program, is a reading improvement program for students that consists of 20 simple and easy to follow lessons. Students follow along using an interactive video program, that is downloaded. The only thing you need to do to start using the program, is watch the instructional video which guides you through the program, it also offers techniques to successfully help your child with this program. When your ready to start the lessons all you need to have is paper and pencil, and print off the story cards. The program consists of a few different components that help make it great for special needs learners this includes hand-eye coordination training exercises, sight words, flashing practice, and a story reading exercise.

This product is meant to be used daily during the week and can be viewed on any computer. It takes only a short time to complete each of the lessons. It is targeted specifically for special needs learners ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, and other reading disabilities.

Each of the lessons consists of 3 parts. Part 1: Word Lists: which contain 160 basic sight and phonetic words, meant to practice instant word recall and spelling of those 160 sight words. Part 2: Flashing Practice: the computer will flash series of numbers, words, letters, and symbols and your student will write what they see this helps improve visual recall which is something lots of special needs learners struggle with. Part 3 : Story Card: where students will listen to the story read and follow along on their own story card, practice writing some sight words, follow the directions, answer simple comprehension questions, and each of the story cards contain 10 sight words to help reinforce the words.

I have a dyslexic reader that struggles with reading that I chose to put through the program, this program has been amazing for him. We have had to put him through tutoring in the past to overcome some of the reading problems I struggled trying to help him fix, if I would have known about this program before I could have saved myself so much money!! In 20 short lessons at an amazing price of only $19.99 your child can receive dramatic improvement in their reading and visual recall skills from using this program.

Each of the lessons are clean and don't contain many illustrations which is something that I know my dyslexic kiddo really appreciates. The flashing lessons give your student a choice of speed so each child can choose what pace they want to work at. I was very happy that the lessons contained the flashing practice because I know my dyslexic kiddo has a hard time with visual recall. The reading lessons seemed to read a little slow for my kiddo, but it has ended up being a great lesson on slowing down for him since he usually rushes through his studies! I was very happy with the fact that they guide you through how to use the program, and that it is very simple and easy to implement into any homeschool schedule.

Overall we have really enjoyed this program, and I would recommend it to any other parent, homeschooler, or teacher that has a student struggling with picking up reading skills, it's so easy to implement into any schedules and doesn't contain all kinds on unneeded information!

Product review by Nicole Walter, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2013

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