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SAT, ACT, TOEFL College Prep English Practice

K. Titchenell
Abacus Educational Services

SAT, ACT, TOEFL College Prep English Practice is an amazing book! It is recommended for "English speakers or advanced ESL speakers who want to augment their vocabulary and improve their language and writing skills in preparation for college, college entrance exams or for writing and publishing in English."

I loved this from the Introduction:

"Mastery of the English language is one of the world's most valuable accomplishments and the ability to demonstrate that language competence in interviews, applications, essays and published works often carries more weight in the college entrance process than does an examination score."

The beginning of the book covers basic information about the SAT, ACT and TOEFL - providing quick information and suggestions of what to do to prepare for these tests. It then jumps directly in to "the meat" of the book, consisting of short stories that provide a ton of vocabulary. Each of the twelve chapters contains a short story (ranging 2 - 6 pages) with vocabulary words (the definitions are provided both in the side of each page and at the end of the story). There is then a comprehension quiz (with the answers provided), followed by "Language Notes", another quiz (with answers) and a "Project" (like "Rewrite the story using synonyms"). Each story has a little black & white hand-drawn picture with it as well.It closes with Appendix A (all the vocab words), Appendix B (covers parts of speech), Appendix C (Fundamental Greek and Latin Roots) and Appendix D (online resources).

Homeschoolers and homeschooling are mentioned several times, which was nice to see, since we are a homeschooling family.

At first I was a little "afraid" of what this book was going to be ... too much for us yet? But to my pleasant surprise, I found it to be an amazingly useful tool that will be of great benefit to our family! It is easy to read and understand. It is easy to follow and progress. It provides very helpful information on just about every page. I would highly recommend this to just about anyone with students in High School.

Product Review by Dawn Winters, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, March, 2013

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