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Christian Biographies for Young Readers (Augustine of Hippo, Athanasius, and John Owen)

Simonetta Carr
Reformation Heritage Books

2965 Leonard St., NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

This series of books written by Simonetta Carr and published by Reformation Heritage Books provides families with a quality and beautiful resource of information about the lives of significant figures of Christianity. The three titles I read for this review include Augustine of Hippo, Athanasius, and John Owen.

These beautiful hardcover books are recommended for children of ages 7-12; however, I very much enjoyed reading them myself. They provide biographical information on their subjects in a clear, engaging narrative. Ms. Carr has a knack for writing in a style that is simple but not condescending. In addition, the books contain original illustrations, maps, photos, a timeline, and a “Did you know” section with historical information to provide context of the time period. These books provide a fun appetizer of information about these important figures in church history that will encourage further reading. I find myself encouraged to read Augustine's Confessions and The City of God.

The illustrations in the books are also quite lovely and help draw the reader into the stories and provide visual context. Matt Abraxas illustrated the John Owens and Athanasius titles; Wes Lowe illustrated the Augustine title.

These titles are available for order on the Reformation Heritage website. The regular price is $18.00 per title. The series includes “John Calvin,” and “Lady Jane Grey” as well and are available on the website.

I highly recommend this series as an engaging way to introduce young readers to the inspiring lives of these brave Christians.

Product Review Nancy Casari Dayton, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, January, 2013

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