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Project Passport: The Middle Ages

Amy Pak
Home School in the Woods
1.585. 964.8188

History has always been a great subject to teach and learn. Well, that is if you know how to make it fun. Boring old textbooks that we grew up with did not do much to ignite the fire and make History fun. Amy Pak, a talented graphic designer and experienced homeschooler, has created a new product to light that fire in your children. Her Project Passport: The Middle Ages is an activity-based World History study that is designed to teach hands-on!

Prepare for your journey through The Middle Ages by making a passport and luggage folder and get ready to take a trip through history like you have never had before. Suitable for children in grades 3-8, this is just the thing to get your kids excited about history. Economically priced at just $34.95, you get a jam packed CD-ROM with “travel itineraries” for 25 exciting “stops,” complete with comprehensive directions for over 50 hands-on projects and activities. Minimal prep work is needed for the teacher as everything is all inclusive in PDF format on the CD, including teacher keys, a “Guide Book Text” to read, a “Quick-Stop Itinerary” of printable projects, additional resource information, and directions and masters for over 50 projects and activities (CD includes text, printable masters, and project directions; supplies for projects are not included). Also, scattered throughout your journey you will see seven dramatized MP3 audio tours that help bring the castle or battlefield right into your home! Other activities include Creative Writing, a Snapshot Timeline, Dining Out Guide, complete with recipes, a Scrapbook of Sights (notebooking) activities, games, and over a dozen lap book projects plus more! There are enough projects to keep your hands-on learner busy for 8-12 weeks in The Middle Ages.

Suitable for both PC and Mac computers this CD gives you everything needed for a memorable trip for your family through the middle ages. If you desire to use this for school and/or co-op settings please be sure to obtain permission and pay the correct licensure fees.

Like everything else from the Home School in the Woods, Project Passport: The Middles Ages is top notch! They have covered everything down to the smallest details and left no stone uncovered. My girls are very hands-on learners so this is right up their alley. The projects and crafts are interesting and engaging and we all look forward to history time. From making catapults with tinfoil cannons to Rice Krispy castles I can tell they are learning because their retention of knowledge and facts is amazing, especially during their free play when they often “play” middle ages. All types of homeschoolers, from unschoolers to classical schoolers can benefit from this unit study. There are so many rabbit trails that can be followed and studied further. I absolutely recommend you take a look at this product. The quality of workmanship in this product is just as good as the other products offered by Home School in the Woods. History does not have to be boring and Project Passport: The Middle Ages proves that. So what are you waiting for? Grab your luggage and passport and take a ride through The Middle Ages!

Product review by Jacquelin Caffey, Veteran on the Schoolhouse Review Crew, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, January, 2013

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