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Unveiling the Kings of Israel

David Down
Master Books

PO Box 726
Green Forest, AR  72638

This is a hardback book of approximately 170 pages, illustrated with photographs and maps. This book gives archaeological evidence for the narrative in the Old Testament. The first chapter discusses Genesis: the Creation and Noah’s Ark. Each chapter carries on through the entire Old Testament, and then Chapter 20 deals with Jesus (King of Kings) – New Testament. There are 4 Appendixes: Tabernacle Life, Solomon’s Temple, Dead Sea Scrolls, and Patriarchs, Chronological Table, and Table of Weights and Measures.

Not only does the author give his point of view, but he also explains what some secular archaeologists believe about the same person, place, or thing that he is discussing. He tries to pinpoint the exact place each action happened (i.e., the crossing of the Red Sea) and why he believes it is the right place. He tells the Biblical story, and explains why things happened as they did – the customs and practices of the times, etc. For instance, he explains why Esau lost out on his blessing, and why it couldn’t be “fixed.” Regarding the story of Moses, he says that one of the pharaohs was Amenemhet III who had only two daughters – no sons. His daughter, Sobekneferu was the one that found Moses at the river. The author explains that “It was not that she had no bathroom in the palace. She would have been taking a ceremonial ablution while praying to the river/fertility god for a baby to continue the pharaonic line. When she saw the baby Moses in a basket, she would have regarded this as an answer to her prayer. She adopted him and intended that he should be the next pharaoh.”

I love this book. I love how it explains and enhances the stories of the Old Testament, and makes them more real. I intend to use this book for our Bible curriculum this summer, while thoroughly exploring all the information given with notebooking and further study. I would recommend this to homeschoolers who are looking for an interesting study.

Product Review by Christine Hindle, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, April 2012

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