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Pamela Taylor, ND

Simple Ways of Healing is 482 page text that focuses on many of the healing principles traditional naturopathy (natural healing). In the introduction of the text, the author shares her personal convictions that many natural remedies are biblically based and not grounded in the new age theology of our day that many believe it to be associated with. As a fellow naturopath, I too agree with this premise and rejoice in finding another practitioner that finds a grounding for natural health in the inspired Word of God. Many biblical references are contained throughout the text demonstrating this very conviction.

Some of the most fundamental healing therapies are explained and practical applications into one's life are shared. Among these therapies are hydrotherapy, poultices, cell salts, acute care homeopathy, essential oils, and herbal supplementation. These are considered to be fundamental in that they utilize things created by God with as little invasiveness as possible. Do not mistake this basic nature for a lack of effectiveness. The wealth of knowledge in this text is substantial. It does give a wonderful introduction to families on the use of these modalities. However, it should be cautioned that the advice and counsel of an experienced practitioner would go a long way until a family becomes more well-versed in the actual application of this knowledge.

Unlike many other natural health resources, this is not a quick look-up reference. The table of contents does not lend itself to looking up a particular malady and getting a quick "recipe" for healing. This text is much more of an instructional foundation of the principles of different healing techniques that does reveal application within its discussion. The information in this text is powerful, but would be a jump for many families that are just on the cusp of yearning to do things more naturally, but have little external direction and guidance.

In addition to the discussion of traditional naturopathic modalities, the final chapter provides information on growing your own herbal garden and utilizing these herbs in salves, syrups and other forms for healing benefits. Appendices also provide information on the digestive system and lymphatic system, herbs to take caution with during pregnancy, recommended books for your home library, and basic home care supplies.

Simple Ways of Healing does contain a wealth of knowledge regarding traditional naturopathic modalities and their application. It may be a bit overwhelming to those that are just beginning their journey in natural healing for their families. I would suggest utilizing this reference as you expand your natural healing methods at home or as you begin your journey in working with an established naturopath.

Product review by Dawn Oaks, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, May 2012

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