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Under Indiana Lights CD

The Frye Family Band
Family First Ministries

(260) 703-1986
7450 E. Main St.
Bryant, IN 47326

The Frye Family Band wasn't planned. It developed naturally as Tom Frye's family became increasingly involved in his music ministry. As a homeschool family, they were already accustomed to working together and ministering together. The Frye Family Band consists of Tom Frye, his wife, Lisa, and their three children: Kaylyn (17), Maggie (15), and Jonathon (13). Under Indiana Lights is their first CD as a family band, though Tom had previously recorded several albums himself.

Under Indiana Lights is unusual, because it is completely original. Tom Frye is a singer-songwriter, and all fourteen songs on the album are written or co-written by the Frye family themselves. On this recording, Tom's wife and children provide many of the background vocals. Although the family plays all the instruments when they are performing live, they do not play the music for this recording.

The songs on the album include:

  1. Consume Me
  2. Where is God? (with Jeremy Casella)
  3. Your Love
  4. I Shall Not Want
  5. Sarah Dances
  6. Little By Little
  7. Loneliness
  8. I Remember
  9. Dream Come True
  10. Knight in Armor
  11. The Greatest Gift (featuring Phil Keaggy)
  12. Blue Silos
  13. I Surrender
  14. The Greatest Gift (rockabilly version)

When I listened to this CD for the first time, I was confused. I couldn't quite decide how to classify the music style. I liked it, but what was it? It wasn't pop or rock. It wasn't exactly country, bluegrass, or gospel, though it did lean more toward country than pop. After listening to it several times, I decided the best description for the Frye Family Band's style was Christian Contemporary music with Folk/Acoustic flair. The songs on the Under Indiana Lights album have incredibly meaningful lyrics. The music supports the lyrics, which are easily understood, rather than competing with them. The songs are definitely from the heart of the Frye family, many telling stories of their life and their own faith experiences.

Although I enjoyed the entire album, I want to mention several of my favorites. The song that stands out most to me on this album is the first track, Consume Me, which asks God to fill our hearts with His presence and His love. The haunting song, Where is God?, was written following the Haitian earthquake, and it assures listeners that He is Emmanuel, God With Us. I was touched by the lilting song, Sarah Dances, which tells the story of a girl born with spina bifida. As a homeschooler, Tom's love song to his wife, Knight in Armor, makes me smile when it mentions textbooks stacked on the table. Having read Tom's biography on his website, I was impressed that several of his songs were autobiographical in nature.

The Frye family's ministry is expanding, and soon they will be hosting Family to Family conferences. I do hope that they find time to make more albums in the future. I'd be interested in seeing how the family band develops as the children mature and become even more involved. I enjoyed The Frye Family Band's debut album, and I am sure others will, as well.

Product Review by April Elstrom, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February, 2012

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