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Teach Them the Faith CD

Dan and Karen Vitco
Teach Them the Faith

4515 Lawrence Daniel Drive
Matthews, NC 28104

The Teach Them the Faith CD is a musical compilation of the "Catechism for Young Children", which is a condensed version of the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Along with the CD is a copy of the lyrics for all 50 tracks, which also covers all 145 questions and answers found in the children's catechism. This is a complete product; all you need is a CD player.

This product can be used to reinforce what your children have already learned, or to introduce the questions to those who are just learning them. My 6.5-year-old and 3.5-year-old already know the first thirteen questions and answers. Therefore, they really enjoyed the first four tracks that covered those questions. This product is great for all age groups. My 1.5-year-old loves dancing to the music. There is often music playing in our house, so it was easy to incorporate the CD into our daily routine. Playing the CD often, and encouraging them to really listen to the words, has helped them learn more questions and answers. The lyrics are great for the children who can read and follow along. This helped my oldest child to learn new questions and their answers.

The Teach Them the Faith CD is a great addition to our homeschool. I can use it alongside the Bible curriculum that we currently use, because it reinforces the catechism questions they have already learned, and prepares them for the ones that will follow. This CD is great for those who are planning to teach, or are teaching their children the "Catechism for Young Children". Having the questions and answers put to music helps children memorize the answers quickly, in a fun and creative way. I would definitely recommend this CD!

Product Review by Leslie Talley, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, March, 2012

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