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The Auto Learner

Lisa Becker
The AutoLearner LLC

2009 Wendy Way
Manhattan Beach, CA 9026

The Auto Learner is a unique tool for helping your preschooler. It is designed so that you can show letters, numbers, etc. to your child as you are traveling in your car. There is a plastic "holder" that fits over the headrest of the seat in front of the child's car seat, which extends down the back of that seat. There are downloadable files of all the letters, numbers, blends, etc. that are to be taught. These come with suggestions for parents and caregivers on what to discuss with the child. To begin use, you simply print out the sheet to be displayed, and put it in the holder. For instance, if you are studying the color red, the picture is colored red, and displays the word "red", while underneath are pictures of three things that are universally red: an apple, a ladybug and a fire truck.

This is a good resource for my family because we have a toddler in developmental preschool, and the teacher sends home a note each week to tell us what letter they are studying.   This will give us an opportunity to display that letter for the child, and keep it in the forefront of her mind. Since we spend a lot of time going to appointments in the car, this will be a wonderful tool. We will also use it as a homeschool tool, when we are teaching the alphabet, colors, etc.

The sets of downloadable lessons that you can purchase are Alphabet, Colors, Numbers, Consonant Blends/Digraphs, and Vowels/Combination Sounds. These are very reasonably priced on the website.

Product Review by Christine Hindle, The Old Schoolhouse ® Magazine, LLC, January 2012

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