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Seasons in the Country Book to Color

18 Big Crayons
Eeboo Corporation

170 West 74th Street
New York, NY 10023

Call me a kid, but I love coloring books. More specifically, I love beautiful coloring books. Eeboo is a company producing lovely coloring books, craft kits, puzzles, activity kits, games, and art supplies. These are well worth checking out, particularly if you like beautiful projects executed with a creative eye.

Eeboo sent me a copy of Seasons in the Country, a delightful coloring book produced on thick paper, complete with quality binding.   Each page depicts animals in the country doing very countrified things: a pig driving a tractor, or picking apples with a jack rabbit and a goose. The drawings are simple and clever; uncluttered yet artistic.

Each page contains a little rhyme, adding to the larger narrative: "We're picking apples! With this supply, maybe we can make a pie!" Fun little ditties, perfect for the younger kindergarten and preschool set.

A grown-up helps you read the rhymes;
You'll read and re-read many times.
Pigs and rabbits are your guides
To Seasons in the countryside.
The color YOU add makes it yours,
And takes you to the great outdoors!

Eeboo's set of 18 big crayons has become the go-to crayon stash of my four-year-old. The bigger size helps little hands to hold onto them and control where they color, and the assortment is a nice variety. I also appreciate that they are not easy to snap in two, as this seems to be a problem in our home for everyone in the 2-4 age range. I'll be buying more of Eeboo's big crayons in the future. In fact, I'm looking forward to adding Eeboo's other coloring books to our preschooler's stash of things to do. I know that will make him a happy camper!

Product Review by Kendra Fletcher, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2012

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