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All About Knights

Brandenburg Unit Studies

Though I was very familiar with the name of the well-known publisher Brandenburg, I had never tried a Brandenburg Unit Study before my family began All About Knights. I wasn't entirely sure what I had signed on for, but now that I have, I am so glad that I did.

Brandenburg Unit Studies are web-based studies that allow students and families to investigate topics with various internet resources. However, it is much more than a list of links! Rather, it is a fully organized unit study with daily lesson plans and assignments for students. Students are encouraged to work independently, with parents as guides.

Each lesson is read directly on the computer where topics are introduced and then link to various websites for an in-depth study on each topic. There are no worksheets to quiz students with, but students are encouraged to write summary pages for each day's reading. Notebook sheets are provided for this. Projects, Videos, and Reading Lists that correspond to the topics are also included. Though more resources are included than most families could incorporate into their lessons, I love that there are plenty of options to immerse students in the topic.

In All About Knights, there are 15+ days allocated for students to study. These could be taught in consecutive days or broken into a couple lessons per week if desired. Once students are given handouts and lesson plans, they are ready to begin their study. The lesson plans are lined out to include:

  • Introduction
  • History of Knights
  • Code of Chivalry
  • Armor
  • Heraldry
  • Knights' Horses
  • How to Become a Knight
  • Training
  • Tournaments
  • Famous Knights
  • Knights Templar (two lessons)
  • Teutonic Knights
  • Hospitaller Knights
  • Projects

It is recommended that students complete at least one project with the unit. Project ideas are included with instructions and include: Creating a Coat of Arms, Shield and Sword, and a Knights' Camp with links for suggested outfits and games.

I love the ease of scheduling, the flexibility, the organization, and the independent learning that defines this unit study. I did not discover the price of the lesson until after reviewing the product and the cost absolutely surprised me. All About Knights costs less than $7! I realize it is $7.00 for an ebook, but it is not a thrown-together ebook; it is a fully organized Unit Study. Though much of the lesson is based on websites, Brandenburg takes pride in their workmanship and updates all unit studies every June and December to be certain the web-links are still active and effective.

Now that I know how affordable and well-made the studies are, I will be looking at Brandenburg every time we are in need of a unit study. They have studies for a myriad of topics, including history, science, holidays, and much more. Many of these studies can be purchased for only $1.00! I am definitely impressed.

Product Review by Jennifer Harrison, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2012

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