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Flowers Crepe Paper and Craft Pipe Cleaners


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I received the Eeboo flowers crepe paper kit and the craft pipe cleaners in fall colors to review. What fun! The flower kit comes with enough crepe paper and pipe cleaners to create three large flowers and has instructions on how to layer, fold, and fluff the paper to make flowers.   I gave my 8 year old daughter the flower kit one afternoon. After reading the directions she made three beautiful flowers, each different from the other. The directions didn't mention any layering variations, but she figured out that, depending on the way she layered her paper, she could create different looks. It was a novel quiet afternoon activity that she really enjoyed.

The craft pipe cleaners are the thickest, softest pipe cleaners I have seen. Some are straight and some have a wavy pile. I also gave these to my very crafty daughter who proceeded to create all manner of animals and sculptures from them. They kept her hands busy for several hours of fun.

Eeboo is known for high quality products. These two craft packs are no exception. Both are rather inexpensive and could be used in an art experience, or maybe to help a child stay busy during an afternoon or car trip. I recommend these craft products.

Product Review by Marisa Corless, MH, The Old Schoolhouse ® Magazine, LLC, December, 2011

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