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Tony Hawk Birdhouse Kickflipper

Bravo Sports

12801 Carmenita Rd.
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

The Tony Hawk Birdhouse Kickflipper is a practice skateboard that you can use inside or outside. It comes with a 10-minute DVD that shows you beginner, intermediate, and advanced tricks to do on the skateboard. Some of the beginner tricks are Tick-Tack, Caveman, and 180 Spin. The intermediate tricks are Ollie, Variel, Pop Shuv-it, and 360 Pop Shuv-it. Some of the advanced moves are Kick Flip, Heel Flip, Double Kick Flip, and 360 Ollie. The DVD ends with a section called Wipeouts, which is a collection of bloopers. The skateboard itself has no wheels. It is available in a variety of colors and graphics, some of which seem to have skeleton heads on them.

The DVD states that the skateboard is meant for any age, boys and girls, beginners and advanced skaters. However, I think that kids younger than age eight or people who have never skateboarded might find the Kickflipper challenging and/or frustrating. The DVD does not tell you how to do the tricks. It only shows different kids doing the tricks in slow and regular motion.

The DVD says that you can use the skateboard inside or outside, but I found it very hard to use outside--even in the grass. I would never use the Kickflipper on concrete because it would probably rough-up the smooth bottom surface of the skateboard. I think that carpet is the best place to use the Kickflipper. I suggest that you wear shoes while using the skateboard.

I think that having an indoor skateboard is a great idea! As the DVD states, you don't have to miss a day of skateboarding because of rain or snow if you have this. If you like to skateboard or know a kid who does, I would highly recommend this product!

Product review by Kathy and Rebecca Gelzer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, December 2011

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