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Impression 10 Android Tablet

Leader International Inc.
225 S. Lake Avenue, Suite 300
Pasadena, CA 91101

I was pretty excited when the Impression 10 Android Tablet, from Leader International, Inc., was delivered to my doorstep. I am still pretty excited after having it now for many months to use and "break in." Let's get the technical jargon out of the way. This tablet is 9.64" by 7.55" with a depth of 0.47", has Wi-Fi capability, 4GB of memory with a Micro SD/MMC card slot that enables you to store another 16GB of data, has MP3, AAC, AMR audio capabilities, and a 2.0 pixel front camera. The processor is Samsung 1 gigahertz and it has MPEG4 video capability and supports others. This tablet has a lot of different input and output slot supports available. The website at the close of this review gives the particulars here so if you are looking for a specific one, it is probably included! What comes in the box? The Impression 10 tablet, a protective case, a mini USB cable, a wall charger, and instructions for the tablet.

Now that the specs are done, let's get to the interesting part. How does it work and what did it do for me as a homeschool mom? The 9.7 inch IPS "Capacitive Touchscreen" is a large workspace with crystal clear video play. I was impressed by the clarity here and the color--wow. It comes loaded with a browser and several other helpful apps as well as the SlideME App Marketplace. There is every kind of app under the sun here and many solid educational as well as fun games and work/life related ones like calendars, organizers, and more. Some are free and some are not. I don't recommend you let your children browse through the app store. For the same reason we don't just let our children cruise the internet, the same would hold here. It takes some doing to find what one is looking for and I was interested in the Amazon App Store as well but couldn't figure out how to make this work. The gentleman from Leader International was most helpful here and directed me to the link on Amazon's site: I opened the browser on the tablet and went right there. Once this was done I had access to all of Amazon's apps as well as the SlideME ones. This enabled me to download the free Kindle App in addition to many others. I now have a color Kindle on my tablet! The Impression was growing on me.

The screen is an incredible thing, but I did have some frustration when I was attempting to open a small link on a page. Sometimes I would clearly touch one word, but another would open. This was usually fixed by enlarging the screen. By touching it in two places at once, I could enlarge one area of the website page. The other frustration was that streaming didn't stream as well as I would have liked. I am not sure whether that was a WI-FI issue or whether the particular video I was watching was resolution heavy or something else, but I recommend that you download whatever you desire to see and then watch it. The video quality is just gorgeous when it is downloaded - clear and beautiful. The volume is not extremely loud so it makes for a nice personal screen to watch whatever it is you have downloaded. It is possible to use the USB port to watch a movie or other downloaded material. The other challenge is opening more than one window at a time. Since it doesn't use something like Chrome or Firefox with tabs and windows, it is a bit tricky to get used to it. I finally did figure out how to open another window, but it isn't as simple as using a desktop and will take time to learn the ways of a tablet as opposed to a desktop. The nice difference is that my desktop weighs significantly more than the 1 pound 8.4 ounce weight of the tablet.

I use the Impression for my personal calendar, to check emails on the go, handle anything I would need to do from my desktop. I can browse the web, check Facebook, and play all those app games I say I am downloading for my children. It comes with the availability to lock it so that your children cannot just access it any time. The battery lasts for up to six hours depending on what you are doing with it. Games do tend to drain it faster than regular use and Kindle reading. The price tag is around $300. The Leader International website has videos and support information on the tablet found here: It is a great addition to the android tablet marketplace.

Product review by Kate Kessler, Product Reviews Director, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, January, 2012

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