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Metamorphosis: The Beauty and Design of Butterflies DVD

Illustra Media

17935 Sky Park Circle, Suite #K
Irvine, CA 92614

If you love nature and discovering secrets to God's amazing wonders, this is a documentary you won't want to miss! In Metamorphosis: The Beauty and Design of Butterflies, viewers will have a front-row seat to the unveiling of a butterfly's incredible transformation from a plant-eating arthropod to a beautiful flying insect.

In this 64-minute documentary, you will be astounded by the up-close and personal look into the life cycle of a butterfly--from egg to insect. Magnetic resonance imaging, computer animation, and remarkable photography make this incredible journey into its world possible. I was simply amazed at being able to see what goes on behind the closed doors of the chrysalis. The beginning of a butterfly is actually the partial destruction of a caterpillar. Most of what made up the body of a caterpillar will not be present in the butterfly, and it was quite a thrill being able to watch the complicated process of caterpillar tissue being dissolved and digested in order to build an entirely novel structure--the butterfly!

This DVD makes a very compelling case for intelligent design. Scientific knowledge and advancements in technology presented in Metamorphosis reveal the fallacy of evolution. Scientists share just how impossible it is for such a complicated process to happen randomly. For the last half of the DVD, viewers will learn about the migration of the monarch butterflies to Mexico and why it's imperative to their survival. This phenomenon, again, points to the theory of intelligent design.

Several bonus features--more than an hour's worth--are included on the DVD. You can listen to Dr. Emmel answer 17 questions about the monarch butterfly's migration to Mexico, play music from the DVD, view lists of butterfly exhibits and books about butterflies, and watch trailers to several other Illustra Media DVDs.

Whether you are learning about butterflies in science or not, this is a fabulous DVD to share with the whole family. You will be amazed by spectacular photography and awed by creation and the intelligent Designer behind it! Add Metamorphosis: The Beauty and Design of Butterflies to your DVD collection for $17.95. It's totally worth it!

Product review by Brandi Tesreau, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, September 2011

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