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Families of Afghanistan DVD (Families of the World(TM) Series)

Master Communications

4480 Lake Forest Drive #302
Cincinnati, OH 45242

Families of Afghanistan is a DVD that offers children a cultural and geographical experience by examining the daily routines of two children who live in Afghanistan.

This DVD is narrated by 13-year-old Zamora and 12-year-old Madina. Each girl offers viewers an inside peek at their family life, education, and religious activities. Though both girls represent life in the same country, they also demonstrate the varying perspectives of city and country life and the differences that exist within each unique country and culture.

This DVD is recommended for children ages 5-11, and I think that's an accurate target age range. My 9-year-old was most interested in this DVD, captivated by the idea that other girls could live in the same world with such a different life from her own. This DVD would be best used for teaching purposes and is more educational than entertaining.

The DVD runs for 25 minutes and sells for $29.95. I think that cost is very high for this product. If it were $10 or $12, I would be much more likely to recommend it. I think it's a well-done video, and I especially like that the kids are the narrators. This makes it much more relatable and interesting to children viewers. However, this DVD feels and looks like something you would see on PBS and is not really something I would pay a high price (over $1 per minute) to view.

I think Families of Afghanistan would appeal more to secular homeschoolers or public schools. For Christian homeschoolers, I think I would prefer to look for a resource that has more of a mission's bent along with the daily life, culture, and religious beliefs of the country. If the price were lower, I would happily recommend this DVD to secular homeschoolers and public school teachers.

Product review by Heather Randall, Affiliate Manager, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, July 2011

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