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Singing 101 CD Set 

By Nancy Bos
Nancy's Voice Studio

Singing 101: Beginning Voice Lessons is a set of three audio CDs by experienced voice teacher Nancy Bos. Just as the name suggests, you will receive beginning instruction in using your singing voice to its best ability.

The first two CDs include the actual voice lessons, while the third CD is a strength and flexibility workout for your voice. On the first two CDs, you'll find 20 lessons that each last from one to ten minutes. In total, there are about 70 minutes worth of teaching time. Breath control, body alignment, voice warm-ups, using resonance, voice energy, and many other topics are covered, one per lesson.

You're encouraged to go through as much of the strength and flexibility CD as your voice will allow daily, building up to completing the entire CD at one time. The actual workout is only about 28 minutes, but there are explanatory tracks to teach you how to do each of the 15 exercises as well.

The sound quality of the CDs is very clear, and Ms. Bos's teaching instruction is concise and clear. It would help to know a little bit about music already since the teacher uses some vocabulary that you're expected to know. However, you'll likely catch on to the meanings of most of the vocabulary as you continue through the lessons.

The CDs are most suited for those who are very interested in using their voices regularly in choirs, performances, or professions. Ms. Bos is very quick to point out that her lessons are not meant to coach you in any particular style or need. They simply provide basics to help your voice sound better. She encourages the serious singer to go on to hire a voice coach.

The price of the CDs is reasonable compared to hiring a voice teacher, and the set is well worth the money for the homeschooling student who is very serious about his or her voice.

Product review by Cindy West, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, December 2010

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