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Garden Verse Classic Copywork E-book

By Michelle Morrow
Homeschooling Downunder

27 Russell Street,
Cardiff. NSW, Australia, 2285
02 49547016

Garden Verse Classic Copywork is a downloadable black-and-white e-book that provides copywork from A Child's Garden of Verses . Homeschooling Downunder has four books available in their copywork series, and Garden Verse Classic Copywork is the third book in the series. Each of the books is available in italics print, italics cursive, manuscript print, and manuscript cursive. I received the manuscript print version (recommended for ages 8-9) and the manuscript cursive version (recommended for ages 9-11) to review.

The two versions I received are identical except for the font. They contain 18 poems, including "The Land of Nod," "My Shadow," and "The Swing." The poems are each several lines long, and each poem includes a nice black-and-white illustration that is suitable for coloring. Both versions have a blank set of lines in between each line of the poem so that the student is able to copy the words directly below the model.

Garden Verse Classic Copywork is a fairly basic copywork book. The layout is simple, and it gets the job done. It's an economical choice since you can print multiple copies (using only black ink) for your family, so it's worth taking a look at Garden Verse Classic Copywork.

Product review by Courtney Larson, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, December 2010

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