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With My Rifle by My Side

By Kimberly Jo Simac
Nordskog Publishing

4562 Westinghouse Street, Suite E
Ventura, CA 93003

This beautifully illustrated hardback book is subtitled "A Second Amendment Lesson." The publisher states that this is the inaugural book in a new series. I am hopeful that other Constitutional rights will be discussed in upcoming books. This one deals with the right to bear arms; it covers gun safety and the reason our forefathers wrote this right into the Constitution. The book is for young children and very clearly states the information in a way that is interesting and informative to children. Amazon says the book is for ages 9-12, although I thought it might be for a slightly younger audience.

This book contains 46 glossy pages. In the back of the book there is information for parents to help teach about our Constitution and about gun safety. Links are also provided to information on these subjects by Gun Owners of America, The National Rifle Association, and the Boy Scouts of America.

I loved this book and hope there are more in the offing. I believe it is important to teach our young children about our freedoms, our great country, and our Constitution. I highly recommend this book as a resource for any homeschool social studies program.

Product review by Christine Hindle, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, November 2010

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