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Materials for Teaching English as a Second Language:

*Teacher' Helpers Pocket Chart Set (Three Little Kittens)
*Pack your English! Vocabulary (camping theme)
*English Builders - Vocabulary (recycling theme)
*Cook up a story! (Little Mermaid theme)
*Teachers' Helpers Flannel Board Set (gingerbread theme)
*The English Flavour: Grammar-based Games Pronouns
*Take me home! Back to school: pencil toppers, bookmarks, cards & badges

By Analia Capurro

These downloadable PDF files are primarily for use teaching English as a foreign language. The graphics that are used are very cute and appealing. For the most part, these kits would not really be useful to homeschool families teaching their English-speaking children, but they would be very helpful for those families who are teaching English to an adoptive child from a foreign country. The Teachers' Helpers Flannel Board Set (gingerbread theme) would make a nice interactive activity for use on your classroom bulletin board. It contains a poem and five different gingerbread "people" cookies that you can print and add Velcro to the back. The PDF does not include any instructions for how to use these materials in your curriculum, but I assume they would be used in a preschool setting for counting to 5.

The Little Mermaid-themed "Cook up a story!" activity set is really nice. It would work for anybody, including English-speaking homeschool families. It contains printable story strips and vocabulary cards and game pieces for identifying beginning letter sounds, task cards for identifying the parts of the story, journal pages, and cross-curricular ideas for including art, science, and cooking in the process. This is a really nice set that will give you lot of ideas for introducing a story writing unit.

I plan to use the "Cook up a Story" set in conjunction with one of my writing units. I am not sure what the price of these downloads are. I couldn't find the information on the website, but I think this set would be a worthwhile purchase for any homeschool family.

Product review by Christine Hindle, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, November 2010

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