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Lil' Dressers Drawer Labels for Kids

Mostly Organized Moms, Inc.

5265 Sunset Lake Road, #13
Holly Springs, NC 27540

Whether we're choosing outfits or putting laundry away, it's always a challenge to remember what clothing goes where. Add to that the ambition of an independent child, and what we needed were Lil' Dressers labels to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

This set of 18 drawer labels is ideal for young children who are physically capable of opening their dresser drawers but who may need help recalling the contents of each drawer. These labels are 3 5/8 inches square and can be affixed to the drawers with their gentle adhesive. The white background with black outline drawing of each major clothing item can be colored by the child to add interest and personalization. For non-readers, this picture enables them to see that pants, shirts, or socks belong in the drawer. New readers can learn the familiar clothing items by reading the printed word below each picture.

Packages are available for boys or girls. Several items are universal to both, though there is a femininity or masculinity to the styles that make them identifiable as such. Labels for both genders include shirts (long and short sleeved), pants, shorts, pajamas (winter and summer), sweater, sweatshirt, socks, plus four blank labels to use for anything. Additional labels for girls include nightgown, underwear, bathing suit, leotard, and tights. Additional labels for boys include long underwear, a second type of regular underwear, swimsuit, and undershirt.

One unique advantage to the adhesives on these labels is that they can be repositioned or even removed without damaging the drawer surface. This was especially important to me because we won't be using the labels for very many years, but my drawers are permanently built into the wall.

Because the labels are so easy to work with, my youngest daughter was able to color her labels in crayon or marker and adhere them to the drawers by herself! We have already seen a change in how motivated she is to put her folded clothes away, and that alone is worth the reasonable retail price of these labels. If it were possible to improve on this product, I would only request that more styles and designs be developed to suit my older children who now want a set of their own!

Product review by Melissa Theberge, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, October 2010

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