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Baby's Bath 1-10 Animal Edition (soft book)

Mom, Dad and Baby

PO Box 118
Carrboro, NC 27510

Baby's Bath 1-10 Animal Edition is a cute and colorful waterproof book that's perfectly suited for the youngest of bathers. Counting from one to ten, each page features a large number and the corresponding amount of stuffed animals (the name of the animal is also printed). I usually prefer pictures of real animals for my children's books, but the stuffed ones included here are adorable, and their arrangement is quite amusing. For example, the number 10 shows ten squirrels stacked high, as in a cheerleading pyramid!

This book comes from The Mom, Dad and Baby Company, which strives to make products safe for little ones. It is phthalates-free, BPA-free, and PVC-free. However, it is made in China.

Suitable for children of all ages, this book would be most enjoyed by one- and two-year-olds. Kids will take pleasure in looking at the pictures and benefit from counting the animals with some help from Mom or Dad. My ten-month old has enjoyed Baby's Bath 1-10 Animal Edition both in and out of the tub. The book has remained in good condition for a number of months now. I have not noticed any mold, even though it has been wet for long periods of time.

Baby's Bath 1-10 Animal Edition is a fun way to help children learn their numbers while getting clean! I believe it would be a welcome addition to bathing hour for any child three and under.

Product review by Stacy Kalisz, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, September 2010

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