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Deluxe Puppet Theater / Melissa & Doug Puppets

Melissa & Doug
Gummy Lump Toys

80 Orville Drive Suite 100
Bohemia, NY 11716

Not only do I love creative toys and pretend play, but my children do too. Gummy Lump Toys is the retailer for the children's toy company, Melissa & Doug. My children have grown up on Melissa & Doug toys. From their early years when colorful wooden stackers in different shapes and sizes pleased them, to floor puzzles that continue to challenge their minds. This company is top-notch. We received one of their toys that continually draws out the imagination of my children, the Deluxe Puppet Theater with three large hand puppets.

The Deluxe Puppet Theater is a stand-alone wood-framed puppet theater that measures 47.2 x 14.7 x 3.5 inches and weighs just under 14 pounds. The theater arrives flat and includes all needed parts and easy-to-use instructions. It doesn't take long to put it together and start playing puppeteer! This theater is sturdily built and the base is firm with square angles that hold the theater upright at all times; a "non-tip" base. The sides of the theater are blocked with a solid covering so your audience cannot see what's coming up next. The top of the front of the theater has a wide opening with lush red curtains on a rod for the puppet show. Below this area are colorful graphics of traditional theater faces, the happy and sad masks, and a clock with movable hands. Under the graphic area your children will have their very own chalkboard marquee panel. You will want to do as the instructions indicate and break in the blackboard so that your main event title or actors' names will show up well.

The puppets are simply wonderful. We received a 9" x 24" x 7" lion, an 8" x 17" x 7" dragon, and an 8" x 18" x 6" chimpanzee. They are high quality, beautifully colored and well designed. Your children will love them! They have many others to choose from on their website and whole sets of people as well as other animals. My children prefer the animals for some reason; perhaps they feel there are more creative opportunities. Regardless, they are very well made and are large enough for a wide variety of age ranges to use easily.

If your children find their storybooks are not offering enough pretend puppet value, a simple Google search for "puppet show scripts for kids" brings up quite a few things available for free online. The opportunities for creative play with friends and siblings are endless. Gummy Lump Toys has a particularly large selection of quality toys your children will return to again and again. We are thrilled with our puppet theater and should you choose this toy for your family for a birthday or Christmas, know you will be too!

Product review by Kate Kessler, Product Reviews Manager, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, November, 2010

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