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American Heroes #3 CD

By Jonathan Sprout
Sprout Recordings

PO Box 188
Morrisville, PA 19067

American Heroes #3 is the third in a series of music CDs about some of the greatest citizens to ever live in the United States. With a folksy, pop-rock flair, the songs easily grab the attention of children while teaching them about the lives of each of the heroes.

It's obvious that the singer/songwriter, Jon Sprout, has spent much time researching each of the subjects he sings about. That research becomes a brief biography in the form of a catchy tune. Learning biographies has never been easier! The CD jacket includes lyrics for each of the songs as well as a short bit of background about each of the heroes.

Because Mr. Sprout has set out to inspire children to reach great heights through these biographical songs, he's even included an inspirational quote from each of the song's heroes. This was, perhaps, my favorite part. There's something powerful about a good quote.

Who are the heroes sung about on this CD?

  • Milton Hershey--famous candy maker
  • John Muir--influential conservationist and naturalist
  • Elizabeth Blackwell--first woman doctor
  • Jonas Salk--developed the vaccine for polio
  • Jane Addams--established the Hull House and called the "First Lady of Peace"
  • George Washington Carver--rose from slavery to become a scientist and inventor
  • Wilma Rudolph--overcame severe handicaps to become a famous athlete
  • Thomas Jefferson--author of the Declaration of Independence and President of the United States, among other things
  • Pocahontas--Native American who inspired peace between her people and the English settlers
  • Cesar Chavez--helped improve lives of America's poorest workers

As you can see, the list is varied in time period, talent, and background. I believe this purposefully shows the history of our nation to be a place for any and all who might rise up to make a difference. Although not a Christian CD, there is a thread of Christianity in some of the quotes and in the message throughout to be all you were made to be.

Product review by Cindy West, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, September 2010

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