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You and the Bill of Rights

By Dorothy Robbins

11037 Erickson Way #79
Redding, CA 96003

In this extensive study guide, Mrs. Robbins takes students through the first ten amendments of the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights. For each of the amendments, she presents a Biblical analysis of the right ensured by this bill and examines the meaning of the rights and responsibilities therein. Following the chapter examining each right, there are extensive assignments that cause the students to evaluate and critically examine the rights afforded to them and make application to the meaning of those rights in everyday life. The first assignment evaluates what a right is according to Scriptural principles and how to then evaluate rights Biblically.

The assignments are quite extensive. Some provide a story from history or a case study that illustrates the right in question and allows the student to analyze how that right was exercised. Some require research and writing that pertains to a scenario or current event.

This is a very thorough study of the Bill of Rights, and it would be an asset to any course on government. I believe this study should be required for all high school students. There is much to be learned in this study that would provide a good foundation for future life and the preservation of our freedoms. At the end of the study, Mrs. Robbins emphasizes the importance of being a Rebuilder and challenges the students to commit to being a Rebuilder as well.

I highly recommend this study for homeschooling families with high school students. Homeschooling parents will also find it enlightening and challenging!

Product review by Kim Kargbo, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, June 2010

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