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What's on Your Plate?

By Catherine Gund, Sadie Hope-Gund, and Safiyah Riddle
Bullfrog Films

PO Box 149
Oley, PA 19547

This fun and thought-provoking documentary follows two eleven-year-olds from New York City as they investigate the food they eat. The two girls investigate the nutritional content of the food they eat, the origins of the food, the cultivation of the food, and how far the food travels from the farm to the plate. The girls visit supermarkets, farmers markets, fast food restaurants, school lunchrooms, organic farms, and other food marketplaces as they discuss the effects of food on the body, the environment, and society. They discuss food politics as well as the difficulty urban families have accessing nutritious food.

Throughout the film, the girls analyze their findings and formulate opinions on how they get their food, what they eat, and the effects of the food on their health. Sadie has genetic high cholesterol, so the film also follows her journey of learning to eat differently in order to lower her cholesterol levels.

Homeschool families would find this film extremely useful in a unit on health or the human body or nutrition. It is educational and fun to watch. At 76 minutes, it is slightly longer than an average child's attention span for a documentary, but the fact that it was made by children makes it engaging to young viewers. The only part that may not be useful to homeschool families is the section on the nutrition and origins of school lunches. However, it might make homeschooled children feel grateful that they eat lunch at home instead of in a school cafeteria! A 67-page curriculum guide is included on the DVD, along with some extras that would be useful for further study.

Product review by Kim Kargbo, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, June 2010

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