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Red Apple School Supply/Green Apple School Supply

6024 South 300 West Suite C
Murray, UT 84107

What a great homeschool-friendly website! These folks sent us a selection of their offerings: Jumbo Highlighter Pencils, Alpino Supercolor Jumbo Markers, and Jolly Kinderfest 24-color colored pencil set. There are many more items offered on the website as from modeling clay to3-D Effect Paint to binders and Post-it Notes!

The Jumbo Highlighter Pencils come in the most-used colors of florescent green, yellow, orange, and pink. These are large sturdy biodegradable wooden pencils meant to last a long time. The Green Apple School Supply, the earth-friendly wing of this company, offers a "variety of school and office supplies that are made of either recycled, reclaimed, or managed forest products." The pencils will do the job of highlighting without the leakage or bleeding problems a highlighter pen might have. These six-sided pencils can be sharpened with the larger hole found on a pencil sharpener or a knife.

The Alpino Supercolor Jumbo Markers are an exceptional product for little ones looking for broad color coverage or for sign making. The plastic case they come in is also used as a stand for the colors making it easy to grab and apply. They are washable and come in ten gorgeous colors. These would be an excellent choice for those extra-large coloring books you sometimes find in stores and will be well-used by homeschooling families. These plastic markers are made in Spain with extra-large lids that will be hard to lose.

The Jolly Kinderfest 24-color pencil set is my favorite of the three. With all those color choices, how can you miss? Even gold and silver are included. These three-sided wooden pencils are easy to hold and easy to sharpen and offer bright color coverage. These are sturdy color pencils that will not easily break. This has been a long-standing frustration for me with the nicer color pencils--they break so easily! This is not the case here. The price is right too--not too much ($9.99 on sale right now, $14.99 regular price) and not the cheap faded ones so readily available. The set comes in a strong tin container that is easy to grab and go when you are headed out to sketch your world. These are a quality product made in Austria.

The Red Apple School Supply and Green Apple School Supply online stores have sales that are excellent and worth noting. The site will be a perfect stop when shopping for your own homeschool supplies.

Product review by Kate Kessler, Product Reviews Manager, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, August, 2010

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