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The Motivated Child: Five Ingredients to Raising Happy and Disciplined Children

By Jaylene Garau
JM Products, Inc.

As an elementary teacher, Jaylene implemented a method for rewarding good behavior in the classroom that impressed her colleagues and the parents of her students. When parents wanted to know what she had done to achieve such great results in the classroom, she developed The Motivated Child for families to use at home.

The charts, notes, and rewards are all reusable, and the entire kit sells for $24.99. Even the box is made of recycled materials. The Motivated Child is designed for children ages 3 to 11 years old. Everything you need to launch and maintain a successful program fits in a small recipe-card sized box!

The Motivated Child is designed to reward good behavior, teach goal setting, and draw families together. To start off right, Jaylene suggests holding a family meeting to brainstorm about what your family rules should be. There is a wet erase marker included for writing these rules onto a laminated card that can be posted on your refrigerator. Also, have your kids help define consequences for breaking these rules. Once the rules and consequences are in place, show your kids the laminated reward cards. Our kids were very enthusiastic about these rewards because most of them involved doing things together as a family, such as family craft night, a family bike ride, or a family picnic.

In order to really succeed, Jaylene suggests teaching respect by example, saying no and meaning it, being consistent, teaching kids to maintain a basic daily routine, and catching your kids being good. Whenever your kids are caught being good, simply check off one of ten circles on a card marked with that child's name. When all ten circles are marked off, the child chooses a reward card from the box for the entire family to enjoy together. It's that simple!

The kit also includes colorful pre-made laminated note cards to encourage kids along the way. All you need to do is write the child's name on the top of the card with the wet erase marker and give it to the child. The cards say things like, "Thank you for being my special child." We thought the idea was great, but the pre-made cards seemed a bit impersonal, so we made our own handwritten cards instead.

Overall, we had great results in our family! The kids made a game of trying to be caught being good. Like all good parenting, this program requires consistency to really be successful. It is an inexpensive program with reusable materials that is well worth implementing in your home!

Product review by Karen Yuen, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, July 2010

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