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Grammar and Punctuation on Planet Earth

By Kelly Wilhelm
The Education Garden Publishing
333 Otter Road
Trenton, IL 62293

Grammar and Punctuation on Planet Earth is a 40-page e-book that uses the theme of nature to engage the interest of the student while honing grammar and punctuation skills. The e-book uses grammar exercises and review pages to show students their progress. The black and white format makes the book easy to print out.

The idea is for the student to work his way through the exercises and then be able to test his knowledge in the review pages. There are interactive stories throughout the e-book, and the student is encouraged to finish the work in order to learn the ending of the story or discover interesting facts. The content and subject matter make the book useful to a child who struggles slightly with grammar and just needs a short review.

Kelly Wilhelm has a great deal of enthusiasm for her subject. The desire to teach grammar and punctuation in a more palatable format is admirable. My issue with Grammar and Punctuation on Planet Earth is that it needs more editing. I found several misspellings and grammatical errors, and the interactive stories did not seem to flow well. I would like to see this e-book again after it has had some fine-tuning.

Product review by Amy Wilbur, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, July 2010

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