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Cooks in the Classroom

By Shari Tallon
Narroway Productions

PO Box 81
Ardoch, ONT K0H 1C0

This is a spiral bound book with attached CD. The book has 90 pages and is a sample cookbook. It has great recipes and nutritional facts in it and my granddaughter, who is a budding cook, has really enjoyed the recipes. The CD is supposed to contain instructions on how to create your own cookbook to sell for profit, with nutritional factoids that you can cut and paste into your cookbook. The CD I received had over half the pages in Corel WordPerfect format and the rest of the pages in Microsoft Word. Since I do not have WordPerfect software, those random pages were unreadable for me. The pages I could read seemed to be just some of the pages of the sample cookbook that were very amateurishly formatted. I suppose you could cut and paste additional information into them to use in creating your personal book. It was hard to tell since I could access fewer than half the pages. It doesn't look like there is a whole lot of additional information here.

The book by itself is $14.99. The book with the fundraising CD is $25.95. It's a great idea and a nice concept, and the finished product--their sample cookbook--is very nice. I think the CD could use some work to make it more user friendly and more appealing to the consumer. I can't really recommend this product until they tweak it a little, but if they do improve it, I think it would be a really nice resource to raise money for your homeschool group.

Product review by Christine Hindle, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, April 2010

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