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Constitution Translated for Kids (Bilingual Edition)

By Cathy Travis
Ovation Books

PO Box 80107
Austin, TX 78758

What would you think if any of the following happened:

  • Someone protesting across the street from a police station about the illegal tactics the police are using gets arrested. The person is not told why he was arrested. When brought to trial, the person is required to explain why he broke the law.
  • The government shuts down a local newspaper that incorrectly reported the details of the president's political failings.
  • Congress passes a law forbidding a particular religion from practicing their faith. Additionally, they state that public prayer is not allowed.

What constitutional privileges do these situations violate, if any? The only way to know if your constitutional rights have been violated is to fully understand the U.S. Constitution itself. Constitution Translated for Kids is a simple translation of the entire Constitution, written at the fifth-grade level. Cathy Travis has also included the original text of the document side-by-side her kid-friendly interpretation. Also included is a timeline, modern applications of the amendments, and an explanation of actual and proposed amendments. The book also teaches kids about the various branches of the U.S. government and their designated responsibilities.

Not only is the text in this book interesting and helpful, but readers are invited to visit for free teaching materials and resources! This particular bilingual edition contains a Spanish translation side-by-side the English text. Since I don't read Spanish, I found this quite distracting. However, if an older student were studying Spanish, this would be a great way to provide them with reading material in Spanish that is educational!

This well-written book is worth including in teaching younger students about their rights as U.S. citizens. Portions of the Constitution would be great for copy work and memorization, as well. Why not conclude a study of the American Revolution by reading this foundational book about our most important U.S. document?

Product review by Karen Yuen, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, March 2010

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