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Clubhouse Kidz Action! Psalm 23 DVD

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Clubhouse Kidz is a growing media company with a heart to help kids memorize Scripture. Clubhouse Kidz Action! Psalm 23, Clubhouse Kidz's first DVD, focuses on teaching kids all of Psalm 23 through colorful pictures, visual markers, and catchy music. Founder Regina Yoder realized that her kids could memorize thirty-second commercials and lines from movies without trying, so why not create a product to teach them something far more valuable--God's Word--in a similarly engaging way? Smart mom!

Clubhouse Kidz Action! Psalm 23
definitely delivers. Using a four-fold approach, Clubhouse Kidz Action! Psalm 23 teaches Psalm 23 through basic imagery, repetition, and song. Kids will "read it," "write it," "sing it," and "recite it." My kids nearly picked up the verse in just one viewing, and I felt like I'd somehow snuck in Bible memory with no pain at all.

While the pace of the video is good and the approach to memorization is solid, the video is a bit campy and the acting not super professional. My younger kids (the under-10 crowd) didn't mind or even notice, but it couldn't hold the attention of my older kids. That's entirely okay; the video is made for younger kids anyway, and my older kids will end up memorizing the passage whether they realize it or not simply because it will be playing often in our home. I love it when that happens!

In addition to the DVD, Clubhouse Kidz has a book containing many of the same images used in the DVD, making memorizing Psalm 23 that much easier. Bookmarks with the passage are available as well. These are great little addendums to the video, just serving to reinforce what our kids are memorizing. I'm confident my kids will remember Psalm 23 well into adulthood as the images come to mind.

If your kids do memorize a passage or two, they can have someone film them reciting what they've learned and then upload their video to the Clubhouse Kidz website ( My kids got a kick out of watching the videos there, and I love the incentive it gave them as they plotted how they'd film their own verses.

Clubhouse Kidz Action! Psalm 23 is already reasonably priced at $9.99, but Clubhouse Kidz has plans to offer the DVD and bookmark in a digital form for half the price. I'm hoping that they'll be able to quickly add more DVDs that teach other passages, because at such an affordable price, I can see my kids hiding much more Scripture in their hearts in the future.

Product Review by Kendra Fletcher, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, April 2010

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