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KinDer Perch

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My older children probably missed out on many occasions to help me in the kitchen when they were small--you know, observing and assisting me in those intriguing, fun things that all moms do! There were special days of course, but it simply was not convenient to have a little one teetering around on a clumsy stepstool or worse, an accident prone chair. And I had to be right there at all times ready for the inevitable rescue.

How often do you make room for your little one's help at the kitchen counter? Not often enough? How many times have you prevented a topple to the floor? Or wished you could have prevented one? You no longer have to worry with this inventive product--the KinDer Perch.

Described as a children's "participation, observation and imagination platform," the KinDer Perch would be an asset for many households. Parents naturally provide plenty of kid-friendly play to learn the ways of the household at an early age--and why not let the children safely do dishes and roll the cookie dough and observe and learn from other constructive from-the-counter activities? But you don't stop there!

I love the practical sturdy design, and I feel reassured about the security of my child--for ages 2 and up, it's made to support up to 500 pounds! And yes, it is a good size. It could be used by a very hefty toddler or by triplets (and a favorite pet) and they could all jump on board! OK, humor aside, this is one super duty outfit . . . made with rock-solid construction and versatile too; it'll grow with your child. When not used at the counter it will find use as a drawing table, play fort, or puppet stand. It will draw the attention of creative kids who will find many other uses for it and perhaps you will too.

Some of the KinDer Perch's features are its ease of use. Just rock it back on its wheels, and place it where you want it. When stationary, the wheels are up off the floor. It is quick to assemble (about 20 minutes) and disassemble easily. Another feature is its strength and stability--American made, it's solidly constructed of white ash wood and joined together with metal-to-metal joints at the corners. Padded feet allows for stability on uneven floors. Its end supports come predrilled for extra side rails, and the two included rails can be repositioned to accommodate smaller children. You can adjust the platform without tools, to one of three different heights: 10", 15", and 20" off the floor.

There is no toxic finish on the product. It ships with a natural wood finish so there's no worry about a painted surface. You can opt for a tung oil finish to add beauty and durability. There is a new cherry wood option with mahogany accents placed on the platform if you are looking to match cherry cabinets.

This is a nice but big piece of furniture however. Someone with a smaller house and limited room size would want some measurements to get an idea of how best to use the KinDer Perch. The base measures 29" x 25 1/2" inches and overall dimensions are 22" x 24" x 39". Having too small of a kitchen might prevent your desire to use it there. Shipping for the KinDer Perch is a flat rate of only $5.95! That's good news since it is approximately 30 lbs in weight.

With Sani (2 1/2), and Chloe (newborn), this will be an essential kitchen tool beginning now lasting us through many years ahead. At a reasonable price--just $194.95--you'll welcome golden opportunities to share the love (and learning) at the counter with eager kids or grandkids or little visitors.

Product review by Gena Suarez, Publisher, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, May, 2010

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