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Boogie Wipes

By Mindee Doney and Julie Pickens
Little Busy Bodies, INC

7874 SW Nimbus
Beaverton, OR 97008

Let's face it, all kids have boogies and boogies don't look (or feel) very nice. Sometimes, in an effort to keep our children looking clean and fresh (and breathing freely), we need a little more than a simple tissue. Sometimes saline spray needs to be administered. But keeping a squirmy child still while squirting saline spray up his nose is not a pleasant task. Mindee Doney and Julie Pickens, the "Boogie Moms," have created Boogie Wipes to make things a little easier for all of us.

So what exactly are Boogie Wipes? They are wet nose wipes made with natural saline. Natural saline helps dissolve mucus. Because the saline is in the wipe, Moms don't need to squirt saline up a child's so often.

Boogie Wipes come in three scents: grape, fresh scent, and magic menthol. They contain vitamin E, aloe and chamomile, which moisturize and soothe sore noses. They are also hypoallergenic, alcohol free, and phthalate and paraben free. One package has 30 wipes.

Boogie Wipes aid both runny and stuffy noses. When used for the duration of a cold, children will avoid the sore, chapped nose that comes from using dry tissues. The saline is especially useful in removing dry, stuck-on boogies. Since the wipes are wet, a quick face cleaning can take place too.

My children enjoyed using Boogie Wipes. I think the name itself had something to do with it! They particularly liked the smell of the grape and fresh scent. I preferred menthol, which was great for a stuffy nose.

There were two things about Boogie Wipes that I didn't enjoy. (1) The menthol wipe stung my nose. However, I did already have a chapped nose when using it. I'd recommend using the menthol wipes at the beginning of a cold, not when a chapped nose has already developed. (2) I found the fresh scent overpowering and perfumy. However, I am somewhat sensitive to smell, and my kids were perfectly fine with the fresh scent.

Although not a necessity, Boogie Wipes are helpful in removing boogies and avoiding sore, chapped noses. They are better than dry tissues when a cold takes hold. I recommend trying them next time your child is sick; perhaps the novelty will make constantly wiping their nose a little more bearable.

Product review by Stacy Kalisz, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, February 2010

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