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World War II 1939-1945

By Kim Kargbo
Soli Deo Gloria Resources


World War II is an eight-week unit study for grades 4-8. In the study students learn about the Allies and the Axis of World War II. They study key players of the war, develop an understanding of what started the war, and develop an understanding of the aftermath of war. Students learn through reading, Internet study, and audiovisual resources. They apply what they've learned through discussion and writing. This study is presented sequentially and includes lessons on racism and the holocaust.

Students are required to keep a notebook based on what they learn throughout the unit. It is suggested that users also purchase the World History, Vol. II CD from Hold That Thought. It isn't required, but it is recommended. The final project of the unit is to complete a newspaper of chronological articles written by the student during the unit. There is also a book list of recommended resources that can be chosen by the age level of the student. You will need to look for these books in your local library or purchase them separately.

The lessons are very thorough and involve a lot of reading and writing. I like that during the entire unit students are compiling articles for the final project newspaper. The completed newspaper gives the student something tangible to show for all the reading that's involved. It is a huge accomplishment to complete the project.

Personally, I would not try this unit until around the sixth grade. I think the concepts are too emotionally challenging for a fourth grader. This unit is very heavy on reading and writing. If these are skills that your student struggles with, then this study might not be for you.

The World War II unit study is $14, which is an exceptional price for all of what your child will learn. I believe you will be very impressed with the amount of World War II information that is covered and the depth of understanding your child will achieve through this study.

Product review by Heather Randall, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, January 2010

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