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Fit Facts, Fun Ways Rhymes and Raps: Fitness and Nutrition Concepts

(Vol. 1-3, CDs and books)

By Peggy Miles
Fun Facts Fun Ways

PO Box 2324
Payson, AZ 85547

Fit Facts, Fun Ways is a series of 3 CDs that presents different fitness and nutrition concepts in rhyme and rap. In addition to the CDs, there is a combined book of lyrics for Vol. 1 and 2 and a separate book of lyrics for Vol. 3. (The book for Vol. 1 and 2 includes teaching tips.) The CDs are labeled for grades 8-12, but I think they would be helpful for students as young as grade 5.

Volume 1 of Fit Facts, Fun Ways includes the following eight rhymes and raps: "The Cell," "Take a Bite," "Fat Rap," "Protein Blues," "Vitamins," "B Vitamins," "Major Mineral Medley," and "Planet Loss Is Coming to Town." These explain cells and digestion and teach various vitamins and minerals.

Volume 2 includes another eight rhymes and raps: "Muscle Rap," "Vitamin Song," "The Bone Zone," "Connective Tissue," "Muscle Tissue," "Bone Types," and "The Spinal Cord." "Planet Loss" is repeated as the eighth song. This CD teaches the names of the bones; muscles, ligaments, and tendons; bone types; and the bones and regions of the spinal cord.

Volume 3 is focused on vitamin concepts, and the eight songs are "Vitamins," "Vitamin A," "Vitamin B's," "Vitamin C," "Vitamin D," "Vitamin E," "Vitamin K," and "Dairy Song." These rhymes and raps explain the purpose of each vitamin and what it does for your body, as well as what will occur if a person doesn't get enough of a certain vitamin.

The lyrics books are helpful but not necessary. In addition to the song lyrics, the combined book for Vol. 1 and 2 includes a primary skeletal muscles study guide and test, a weights terminology study guide, weight training riddles and answer key, weight training form and sample program, three different games of weight training "Chutes and Ladders" (one for upper body, one for lower body, and one for both), explanations for how to lead your students in creating a game, and an aerobic dance assignment. Volume 3 is not as comprehensive, including only a glossary and a brief description of the vitamins in addition to the lyrics.

I found two songs that might be objectionable to some. The "Fat Rap" uses the words crapped and doo doo. Also, I wish the song "Planet Loss Is Coming to Town" wasn't included because it is a political statement on saving the planet and not related to nutrition and fitness.

Those two issues aside, I think these rhymes and raps are wonderful. I know my kids and I are able to memorize things better when set to music or chant, and these CDs fit the bill. They are not early elementary level CDs--words like monosaccharides, polypeptides, and sternocleigomastoid are used in the rhymes and raps. However, I think they are great for late elementary up through high school. Of course, younger siblings will probably absorb the information as well, even if they don't yet understand how to apply it. I think the Fit Facts Fun Ways CDs will add spice to any study of the human body or health, and I strongly recommend them.

Product review by Courtney Larson, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, January 2010

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