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Of Knights and Fair Maidens

By Jeff and Danielle Meyers
Grace and Truth Books

3426 Summit Boulevard
Sand Springs, Oklahoma 74063

Of Knights and Fair Maidens is a hardback book consisting of 15 short, easy-to-read chapters. Including the appendix there are only 114 pages to this compact work. The Meyers have done an excellent job describing their ideas about courtship in a captivating interview style. The questions are posed in bold, and both Jeff and Danielle give their ideas and views on the topic. They cover a wide range of topics, including the importance of waiting for relationships until one is ready for marriage, having mentors, listening and learning from one's parents, hanging around and fellowshipping with others of the opposite sex in group settings, and focusing on character in oneself and in a possible mate. It even has a list of areas (both skills and character traits) to be working on as one waits for marriage. The Meyers explain their pilgrimage to courtship as they were challenged by the article "Dating Problems, Courtship Solutions" by Joshua Harris. In the article he aptly describes the serious problems with the American dating scene and encourages Christians to think more biblically about how to find a spouse.

Of Knights and Fair Maidens can be used as a family read-aloud or for parents to read and inform themselves. Early to late teens, depending on maturity and interest, are the recommended audience. The book can be used in any family and with any schooling method. It is an excellent tool to guide families into that crucial time when one's children become adults and need guidance.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it interesting, thought provoking, and challenging. Of Knights and Fair Maidens is readable and short, which is important for busy parents and teens, making it even more accessible than other larger volumes on the same topic. I personally appreciated their humility in their opinions, not making their courtship experience the "only way it can be done." The lists of suggested activities and topics for discussion a couple could engage in to build their relationship were well worth the price of the book! Even if one does not agree on every point, this book is a must for every library! I highly recommend it!!

Product review by Kathi Van Der Linden, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, January 2010

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