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Unit Study: Weather

By Debbie Brandenburg
Brandenburg Studies

4019 90th Avenue
Florissant, MO 64034

This unit study is a downloadable PDF File. It begins with an introduction to the study and lesson plans. This study is designed to use various resources in conjunction with the downloadable file. A 3-ring binder with tabbed dividers is required, as well as a large wall map of the United States and one of the World. There is also a supply list included for the experiments that are part of the lesson plans. (For example, one of the experiments you can do is make your own barometer. For this experiment you need a clear plastic drinking straw, a narrow neck glass bottle, and a rubber or cork stopper that fits the neck of the bottle.) Most the supplies are things you probably have on hand already (tape, Ziploc bags, newspaper etc.) There are lab sheets that you can print out to record the details or your experiments and the results. There's even a comprehensive look at building snow forts--how fun is that?

Suggested books and videos are listed as well, and these should be checked out from your local library in advance. The text portion of the material includes some beautiful illustrations, clickable links to resources on the web, and printable handouts and worksheets to be used along with the study. Another great thing about Brandenburg Studies is that when they update one of the studies you have already purchased, you have access to the updates on their website.

This study could enhance a weather unit in a science text, making it much more interesting and comprehensive. It also would stand alone very well. This could be used for any grade level you choose; you would simply use more or less of the available information as appropriate to the grade level. There is just so much here, with a lot of additional resources just a Web link away. The author offers 54 days of study in the lesson plans, but this study could take more or less time depending on the age of the student and how deeply you want to go into the subject. If you use all that is available to you, your student will have a very thorough knowledge of the subject when they are finished. I intend to take at least 54 school days on this study because I don't want my student to miss anything that is offered here.

I am very excited about including this study with my science curriculum this year. It is much more comprehensive and hands-on than the small unit on weather that I used last year. I would recommend this and other unit studies from Brandenburg Studies because I have found them to be very thorough and very enjoyable.

Product review by Christine Hindle, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, November 2009

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