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Lightspeed History of the U.S.: Significant Presidencies (1788-1869)


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San Francisco, CA 94105

This is a 2-disc set entitled Lightspeed History of the U.S. - Significant Presidencies (1788-1869) This is one section of a series of four sets. This course is for high school grade levels.

The first disc, a DVD, is a lecture format with a group of teenagers providing the commentary. The second disc, which they have labeled "Workbook," contains handouts, a "Viewing Worksheet," activities, worksheets, and "Check Your Knowledge" (quizzes) for a total of 26 pages. On page 2 it says, "This Digital Workbook is chock full of exercises, games, and other fun resources. . . ." I looked for the games and didn't find any. I even did a search for the word "game" on the entire disc, and the only time it came up was in that statement on page 2. On page 8 there are a total of two activities. The Viewing Worksheet that is to accompany the DVD is one page consisting of 15 questions and a page with the answers. These 15 questions cover the entire DVD, which has nine separate topics. There are four pages of handouts dealing with significant points in the series. There are eight pages of quiz questions and eight pages with the answers to the quizzes.

The DVD was informative and would provide a good supplement to another American History curriculum. I do wish the other disc contained more resources, but I still think the set is a good value for only $14.98. A visual resource is a good enhancement to a written text, and I would recommend that homeschoolers use this resource as a supplement.

Product review by Christine Hindle, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, November 2009

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