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Leeners You-Make-Kit Bubble Gum Kit

9293 Olde Eight Rd.
Northfield, OH 44067

A bubble gum kit may seem like a funny thing to add to a homeschool day, but it just might be the thing that turns your student on to chemistry and cooking science. It's also a terrific rainy-day activity that can produce some fun gifts for friends and family, but if your kids are like mine, the bubble gum won't last that long.

Leeners has produced the kind of kit this homeschooling mom loves, complete with quality materials and easy-to-follow instructions. Our kit came with pre-measured quantities of each ingredient, three different flavor options (bubblegum, watermelon, and cherry), and microwave-safe dishes and stir sticks. Before I could even open the box, my 14-year-old spied it and asked if he could try it out. Literally minutes later, he had beautiful little pieces of bubble gum ready to be passed around to brothers and sisters.

The Leeners kit is great on several important counts: it contains everything you'll need except powdered sugar and corn syrup--both ingredients we had on hand. The kit comes with very clear and easy-to-follow instructions, and it also has an educational supplement with questions to ask your bubble gum makers, a bibliography of related reading materials, and Internet resources. If you want to make the Leeners You-Make-Kit Bubble Gum Kit a part of your academic day, you're all set to go with very little preparation required.

Sometimes, kids arts and crafts kits can be made of low-quality materials. Not Leeners. Their You-Make-Kit Bubble Gum Kit is a high-quality kit that produces bubble gum you'll actually want to chew. Even my husband liked it, and we all blew the most fabulous, big bubbles. Too fun! In fact, I was so impressed with the Leeners kit that I went on their website to see what else they had. I bought my husband a kit for his birthday and can't wait to give it to him!

Product review by Kendra Fletcher, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, October 2009

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