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Galileo and the Stargazers

Jim Weiss
Greathall Productions

P.O. Box 5061
Charlottesville, Virginia 22905-5061
(800) 477-6234

I love the stories of Jim Weiss from Greathall Productions! I love his varied voices, his enthusiasm for the story, and the manner in which he expresses himself. Galileo and the Stargazers is not only full of interesting stories; they are all historic and based on real people and events. History turned into story--there aren't many better ways to learn than that!

This fantastic one-hour CD includes the following stories: Archimedes and the Golden Crown, King Hieron's Challege, Soldier and Scientist, Ptolemy versus Copernicus, Tycho Brahe Scans the Skies, Kepler and Galileo, The Trial of Galileo, and Isaac Newton. The stories of the stars and the men who discovered our place in the universe are what you will find here.

As with all his stories for children, this is easily grasped by those young and old. I found myself just as engrossed as my ten year-old. What was to happen to Galileo at his trial? Even though I already knew the answer from my own history study, I was still captivated! The subjects in this CD can be complicated ones, but he manages to convey the ideas in a manner that his target audience of children can comprehend.

Another benefit to their CDs can be found detailed on their website: "In addition, scientists have now caught up with what we instinctively knew was true: Reading comprehension soars skyward when a child learns the structure of stories or develops the listening skills associated with hearing a story told or read aloud. So in addition to helping those among us who learn best through hearing (auditory learners), our recordings help visual learners, too." We have found this to be the case in our own home as well.

Galileo and the Stargazers from Greathall Productions is a worthwhile addition to any family audio library.

Product review by Kate Kessler, Product Reviews Manager, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, 2009

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