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Putting the Pieces Together

By Dr. Tas Walker and Dr. Don Batten
Creation Ministries International

PO Box 350
Powder Springs, GA 30127-0350

Putting the Pieces Together is a six-part seminar that is intended to educate students on the subject of Biblical creation. In these presentations, Dr. Tas Walker and Dr. Don Batten explicitly prove both that the theory of evolution cannot in any way be true and that the doctrine of Biblical creation is the only explanation as to how life began on this earth. There are six DVDs, each about thirty minutes long, and a free study guide in PDF format to go along with each disk.

On the first DVD, Dr. Don Batten teaches the correct worldview a Bible believing Christian must have. Then in the second through fifth sessions, both Dr. Batten and Dr. Walker teach the correct application of that worldview, from the beginning of the universe, to the Flood, to dinosaurs, and ultimately to how this Biblically-consistent worldview applies to all areas of our life, not just science. Dr. Walker then finishes up the series with a 30-minute presentation entitled "Answering the Most Asked Questions." In this final component, Dr. Walker answers many difficult questions from a creation worldview perspective.

Putting the Pieces Together can be used by students and teachers from ages thirteen and up, and it is an ideal learning series for small groups, large classrooms, homeschoolers, and unschoolers. Throughout the seminar, Dr. Walker and Dr. Batten stay completely consistent with what the Bible asserts, while also explaining the science behind each concept. Both scientists are very clear in their reasoning and can be easily understood by young teenagers.

This series is an invaluable tool for equipping Christians to defend their faith and also for helping teachers learn how to teach the next generation of apologists. Putting the Pieces Together is a must have for every Christian home, and I would definitely buy it if it were not already in my possession.

Product review by Colton Dumont, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, July 2009

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