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Prepare and Pray / Blessed Assurance (unit studies)

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We love unit studies in our homeschool! What's not to love? Curriculum and teaching included under one base topic that covers all subjects (we add in a solid math program as well)! Prepare and Pray and Blessed Assurance are not typical unit studies, though! Prepare and Pray is based on the literary classic Swiss Family Robinson, and Blessed Assurance is based on Sign of the Beaver and Robinson Crusoe (favorites of our family!). These units are full of fun and adventure as well as academics, and they include projects that are family friendly and useful! I have seen many unit studies that are full of "fluff" projects--not so here! Prepare and Pray and Blessed Assurance contain projects that teach useful, important, real-life skills. These Scripturally based unit studies are designed to build character and teach preparedness and family teamwork.

Take a look at just some of the fun projects included in these unit studies:

* Making Your Own "Stuff Sack" (We LOVED this, and my children use theirs daily!)
* Making Your Own Moccasins
* Knot Tying
* Making Deer Repellents
* Making Your Own Stone Tools
* Weaving Mats
* Making Your Own Simple Crutches
* First Aid
* Building a Shelter
* Building a Campfire
* Gardening
* Identifying Herbs and Wild Edibles
* Making a Survival Pack
* Making Herbal Remedies
* Animal Tracking
* Making Cheese
* Making "Salt & Light Packs" for Witnessing (another favorite!)

The list is huge, and I haven't even scratched the surface! This curriculum offers so much real-life wisdom for the whole family. And the focus is on our Heavenly Father and building personal character, which I absolutely love!

This 36-week literary study is a well-rounded curriculum that covers outdoorsmanship, emergency preparedness, survival skills, sustainable living, and academics that will equip your family for the future. All the while, it teaches complete reliance on God as our provider and protector! We find this curriculum highly valuable in our homeschool--not just because it's fun and the whole family can participate easily, but because it is based on Scripture and imparts wisdom and real-life skills that will last a lifetime! Our highest recommendation!

Product review by Lisa Barthuly, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and Homestead Blogger, September 2009

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