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A Collection of Just So Stories

Read by Jim Weiss
Greathall Productions, Inc.

PO Box 5061
Charlottesville, VA 22905-5061

Anyone who has heard one or more of Jim Weiss's fabulous recordings knows that he is truly a master storyteller. With A Collection of Just So Stories, Mr. Weiss brings Rudyard Kipling's characters to life in a manner better than I could have imagined. This CD would be a well-loved favorite in anyone's collection, regardless of age.

One aspect of Mr. Weiss's talent that impresses me so much is that he is able to give a distinctive voice to each character--not just the ones within a story, but to each character from every story in this collection. Simply amazing! Then, of course, the narrator has a characterization distinct from all the rest. This alone held my attention through the entire recording.

Another aspect that I appreciate is that Mr. Weiss makes the effort to provide information on the author and the work he is sharing. Many of us know that Kipling's Just So Stories explain the origin and qualities of different animals, but Mr. Weiss goes on to explain the origin of the "pourquoi" story. "Pourquoi" means "why" in French. You'll have to listen to the CD to learn more. In addition to the introductory information, the CD contains five stories. My favorite is "The Elephant's Child."

Jim Weiss lends his talent and passion to all his recordings. Our family is blessed to have several within our CD collection. Even the recordings geared for the younger "3 and up" group are enjoyable for the whole family. A Collection of Just So Stories is no exception. This CD lists for $13.45 on the Greathall Productions website. The prices on the website reflect a 10% discount off the "regular" prices. Further discounts are offered for orders of 15 or more titles. If I had known this a few years ago, I might have taken the plunge and bought 15 at once, or at least shared an order with another family. Trust me, it's worth it. My kids listen to a CD every night at bedtime, and very often it is one of Jim Weiss's.

Product review by Nancy Casari Dayton, The Old Schoolhouseо Magazine, LLC, August 2009

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