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An Elegant Floral Alphabet: Flower Names from A-Z Beginning Cursive (e-book)

By Joy Marie Dunlap and Jennaya Dunlap
Light Home Publications

An Elegant Floral Alphabet: Flower Names from A-Z Beginning Cursive was developed by Joy Marie Dunlap and her daughter Jennaya Dunlap. The floral theme of this penmanship e-book will appeal to girls of any age or to boys who are interested in gardens and nature.

This e-book is a 62-page PDF document. Once you have downloaded it to your computer, you will need Adobe Reader to open the e-book and print it. Designed for students who are just learning traditional cursive penmanship (grades 2 -5), it is fully reproducible. You can print this e-book as many times as you need for your own family use.

An Elegant Floral Alphabet begins with six pages of individual cursive letters and short words to trace. These early pages are designed to teach the cursive letter shapes to beginners. Each page is long enough to be two or three days' worth of penmanship practice.

The e-book then contains 26 alphabetic pages. For each letter of the alphabet there is a sentence to trace and then copy, including a girl's name and a flower's name. Every tracing page includes colorful, accurate illustrations of flowers. Then each page concludes with a fun word challenge of some sort. There are also 18 floral line-drawing coloring pages interspersed within the alphabet letter pages.

The e-book concludes with a word search, two pages of names to trace for more penmanship practice, and three lined notebooking pages. The notebooking pages could be used for nature study or copywork.

My 4th grade and 7th grade daughters are both learning cursive at the moment, and they were each eager to use this colorful penmanship e-book. Although the full-color illustrations on many of the pages so not translate perfectly to black and white printing, they still provide lovely pages for students to view while they practice their cursive penmanship. As a bonus, students will learn to recognize the flowers they are writing about.

An Elegant Floral Alphabet would lend itself well to those needing remedial practice in their cursive handwriting. It is an excellent resource for teaching traditional cursive penmanship to students of any age.

Product review by April Elstrom, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, June 2009

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