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Galloping Minds Flashcards: Numbers, Shapes, and Colors

Galloping Minds Flashcards: Alphabet and Phonics

Galloping Minds

I have a 3-year-old son who loves to "do school" and loves sorting and looking at flashcards. He really enjoys the Numbers, Shapes, and Colors flashcards and the Alphabet and Phonics flashcards from Galloping Minds. They are larger than most flashcards (measuring 6" by 4"), and they are very sturdy. Both sets are bright and colorful, with fun photographs or drawings to represent every concept.

The Numbers, Shapes, and Colors set includes cards for the numbers 1-20 and 11 more cards that cover 11 basic shapes and 11 basic colors. The pictures on the back of the number card are interesting, such as the photograph of three rhinoceroses on the back of the "3" card. The colors and shapes are combined, so on the front of the blue card there is a blue triangle, and on the back there is a picture of a blue bunny and photographs of blue socks, a blue chair, and a blue stuffed animal.

The Alphabet and Phonics set includes a card for every letter of the alphabet, along with 12 additional twelve cards with different consonant blends, digraphs, and diphthongs. There are over 200 words presented on the flashcards in the alphabet set. For example, on the back of the "Aa" card, there is a picture of an apple as well as the words apple, ant, arm, and ax.

Unfortunately, I have two complaints about these flashcards. The first is the large 2-inch block on the bottom of every card that has the Galloping Minds logo, which spells out the words Galloping Minds. The second is that the website address is printed on the back of the 1-20 number cards. My son kept asking me what the letters said, and I don't like the fact that these elements detract from the material he should be asking about. Because of this, I probably would not buy these cards for him. However, if this isn't something that would bother you or your child, I would recommend them for preschoolers.

Product review by Courtney Larson, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, May 2009

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